Maudie’s buying her first car this weekend, and we’ve been IM’ing about her feelings about it, and her options (lease, buy; credit-union loan, dealer financing). I, of course, being Deitch, am stridently advising her to be tough with the dealer, who I’m already sure is a professional liar out to steal what he can from my innocent daughter. I struggle with this—how do I protect her without scaring her? And should I or shouldn’t I be offering my advise to her—after all, she’s twenty-three and strong (but also very gentle and kind): does she really need my protection?

Anyway, she was talking about being nervous about the negotiation with the dealer, and I told her a story that I think she liked. It was about how one day this past winter, when I was visiting that wonderful and sexy psychopharmacologist I told you about a few days ago, she said something to me that I found very helpful. She told me that the Buddha said one thing, and one thing only: “I am awake.” The sexy psychopharmacologist told me that that’s all I needed to remember, ever: I am awake.

Maudie got it on the spot.

It makes me very happy to imagine my beautiful young daughter sitting across from a car salesman thinking, “I am awake.” That is, she is awake. That’s one thing, actually, I never have to worry about.

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