Black Blessings

Elena Brower and some guy
I have to make this quick because my car is at a meter. First I’d like to bow down to my root teacher, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. Then I’d like to bow down to my root yoga teacher, Ana Forrest. Then I’d like to bow down to the whole Crazy Wisdom tradition because it’s fun and funny and helpful to everyone.

So I think I’ve told you that I’ve started doing yoga again, but maybe I haven’t said that I’ve gotten way into it, sliding in the direction of obsessive, which is right up my alley. I’ve been doing a little travelling around the city, trying out different teachers, looking for mine. Today I took a class with Elena Brower, at Virayoga.

Now, Elena has gotten famous in the last little while; sometimes, even, she teaches classes outside with a headset on. Her class today had about sixty people in it, which means that the mats were basically touching. Before the class started, when everyone was sitting around gabbing, I almost had an anxiety attack and left. What was that guy doing with the stand-up bass at the front of the class? Anyway, finally Elena came in wearing a black leather jacket and carrying a bunch of shopping bags.

Tick, tick tick… Anyway, I love tough straight chicks, and I always forget that, until I meet one of them. And when they’ve got authentic presence, or some kind of above-average personal power, I really like them. So she’s one of them. She started out by saying that she’s vowed not to curse in class anymore, but that she just had to do it one more time: What the fuck is up, she basically said, with people signing their emails “Blessings”? She went on to explain that she’s very dark—has very dark places inside her—and so signatures like “Blessings” piss her off. But then she said that it was important to go to those dark places and work with them, because those feelings really get in the way of something a whole lot better. (Those are my words.)

So this was what she asked: She asked us to think of the one person in our life who we’re actively blaming. She said to think of that person and then to send them blessings. Furthermore, she said, we should think of the whole situation that we we’re in with them, and we should bless that too. And then we should bless ourselves.

And then we rocked out the yoga.

Thought I’d pass that on. Blessings, my favorite blogatters.


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