Blind Man Trips Over Boat Shoes On NYC Subway, Doesn't Get Killed

So I was on the B train yesterday going downtown, and watched a blind man with a white stick trying to navigate the speeding car with a wheelie suitcase. Not a pretty sight. He finally made it to the end of the car after crashing into a couple poles and getting hung up on someone else’s suitcase and a hipster’s big green boat shoes*, sussed out that there was a seat, and what did he do? He tried to go through the heavy sliding door leading out onto the little perilous platform that separates one car from the next. I mean, rhonestly: he’s trying to open the door with the same hand that holds the cane, while, with the other hand, holding the extended wheelie suitcase handle, while being knocked around by the motion of train like a hipster without his boat shoes on ice.

This is my metaphor for the day. Where did he need to get to? Every car ended up in the same place. And here’s my question: Why don’t we just sit down and enjoy the ride?

*Don’t get me started.

5 thoughts on “Blind Man Trips Over Boat Shoes On NYC Subway, Doesn't Get Killed”

  1. I actually tried to convince him to buy a pair of boat boots semi-recently. He respectfully declined after a long and drawn out ewwwwwwwwwwreallyareyouserious?!?!

  2. I agree. I saw a man on the subway yesterday with a pair of really nicely broken in black loafers like the ones with pennies in them, but without the penny slot–like something from the sixties–like the beatles might have worn with their little suits. They were nice.

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