Blood Brother

I found this photograph in the September 4th, 1973, issue of the Bangor Daily News. The man on the right is my half brother, Philip Deitch, whom I met only once—at our father’s funeral in 1966, when I was ten. Sitting beside him, according to the article, is his wife, Susan, and on his lap is their baby, Aurora. At the time, at least, they were sikhs. Aurora would be around thirty-eight now. I wouldn’t blame Philip for being angry—I had my father for at least a little while, and he never had him at all. And I wouldn’t blame him for being weird. I like yoga, too, and I think Aurora’s a really pretty name. If you see him, would you tell him I’m looking for him?

1 thought on “Blood Brother”

  1. I have been trying to locate PhilDeitch, Barbara Corsanos son. He and I were friends in the 60s. She made the absolute finest Italian food ever. He joined the Seiks in the 60s, and we lost touch. Phil was/is a suoperior guitar player and actually took me to see John Coltrane. Dean

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