Never Let Me Go

Blah, blah, blah. Maybe I’m trying too hard. Anyway, have you seen this film, Never Let Me Go, based on the Ishiguro novel of the same name? Oh, my god: Run don’t walk. Bronnie’s dad thinks it was the best film of 2010, and is surprised that it wasn’t at least nominated for an Academy Award, but I’m not surprised: It’s about, in part, our own collective cruelty, self-interest, and ignorance, and currently no smiley group wants to give that a prize.

Anyway, I’m purposely not telling you the details. Let’s just say that it’s not about animals at all, or food, but I’ve decided to no longer eat meat or fish after having seen the film. Everyone and everything deserves a good, long life, and the opportunity to fully blossom and then to slowly, beautifully fade. I can eat beans.


3 thoughts on “Never Let Me Go”

  1. welcome to the club! you won’t regret it. it’s almost hard to believe i ever stuck animals in my mouth. keep writing. i hope your front bumper gets alright soon. love n.

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