Scooby's Sukhavati

Some Buddhists believe that forty-nine days after a person dies, they are reborn into a new life. That’s the theory, anyway. I don’t know if it applies to dogs, too, but I’m pretty sure that dogs enter the bardo (the state between this life and the next) just like people do, and then, just like people’s, their consciousness (or karma or something—it’s hard to grock!) is reborn. Anyway, today is Scooby’s forty-ninth day, and I wanted to wish him well:

May this life be a good one, and long (preferably, may it be a good, human birth). May you find the dharma, a good teacher, obtain enlightenment, and benefit as many beings as you can. May you be as sweet and loving as you were in this life, and as well cared for and loved. May I see you again, and maybe even kiss your face. I love you.

Love, Deitch

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