Julia the Talented Ad Man and Biola the Gorgeous Movie Star

Julia’s an ad man now*, at Eileen Fisher, and she and her partners in green and groovy corporate crime made this video about our friend Biola, who owns the Pillow Cafe in Fort Greene with her partner, Robin. If you don’t shop the EF site, you might never see this, and you might like to, so check it out.

Robin cooks like your mom would, if your mom was an amazing cook, and showed you how much she loved you in that way. She’s Julia’s twin (or so they say). Biola used to be a journalist, and she’s my twin (well, no—Don Draper is my twin). For awhile, Pillow had a d.j. one night a week, and Julia and I (we lived up the street) would go hang with Robin and Biola, and pretty much no one else came. So we’d get drunk and dance alone, the four of us, on Myrtle Avenue. I miss that. (Damn you, scrawny hipsters! Why did you have to ruin our Utopian paradise?)

Here’s a picture of Biola, seen through the window of the cafe, from my own personal collection. A different look.

*Speaking of Ad men, I don’t have anyone to talk about the new season of Mad Men with—Julia refuses to watch it, even though she knows that I identify with both Don Draper and his daughter, Sally, in a way that makes my heart ache. How can people be so sad and broken and yet get up every morning and look so good? And, p.s., Joanie?

6 thoughts on “Julia the Talented Ad Man and Biola the Gorgeous Movie Star”

  1. I’ll talk about Mad Men with you!! All you had to do was ask! I”ll also volunteer Lynn, since I know she likes the show. In fact I volunteer both of us to meet up with you somewhere in the next couple weeks to discuss Mad Men and life post-France. Yes?

  2. I love Mad Men and several times this season I’ve pounded my hand against the couch and said to Isaiah, “Damn, this show is good.” And this season in particular is just so outstanding I can hardly take it!

  3. Great post. I loved my visits to Pillow. I am slowly catching up on MadMen. Bear with me, we’ll consider Draper together…

  4. I think I remember that cafe! When I reconnected with Maud…you guys were living above the firehouse right? I loved the sandwich I got from there!

    Oh and Joanie. H-O-L-Y S-H-I-T.

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