Treasure Hunt: Me and Willie

I never told you this, but Willie Nelson recorded this Brenda Lee song for me in 1982. We’d been together for a while, and were having a very hard time—I didn’t like that he spent so much time in Bertha (that’s the bus), and that he never stopped playing the Jew’s Harp around that groupie. I especially didn’t like it that, when he took his bandanna off, his skull would come off with it. And then one day he realized how difficult it might be trying to have a life with such a popular rock star, and he made this romantic gesture.* All the ladies shown in this video are the girls he swore to swear off, but it was too late. I’d slipped out to hear Khandro Rinpoche, and had laid my eyes on Julia.

*Thanks, anyway, Will, honey—I love this song: I really did feel understood.


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