Sie Lasst Nichts Anbrennen

So we’re going to Berlin in two days, you and me. I’m getting on the plane, that is, and I’m putting you in my pocket. I’ve got pretty much everything I need now: phrasebook (“Kann ich einen Rechtsnanwalt haben, der Englisch spricht?“—”Can I have a lawyer who speaks English?”), Q-Tips, toothbrush holder, new Mead notebook (purple), pedicure (wicked). I’ve got new pens. And I’ve go wifi in my little pad in Prenzlauer Berg.

My ex-husband used to set up a table about two weeks before we travelled, and would start laying out the things that he was considering bringing way in advance. I thought at the time that it was kind of eccentric, but now I think, Why not? (Hang on….flip, flip, flip—Warum nicht? Crap, this phrasebook sucks! I can say Ich bin high (“I’m high”), but I can’t say “Why not”? Sigh.) Anyway, these days I figure, if it adds to your comfort level and lowers your stress, do it. (I’m referring to the packing in advance, not the getting high.)

Anyway, get ready—it’s almost time to go.


3 thoughts on “Sie Lasst Nichts Anbrennen”

  1. Bier! Brat! Kartoffelsalat! Fun fact: Verbs go at the end of the sentence. Verbs at the end of the sentence go. Have fun! Chuse!

  2. “I need a lawyer who speaks english.” (!)

    How do you say “I have a day off and am considering baking cupcakes, which is a not nearly as cool as biking around platzes and strasses with my mom?”

    Ich Liebe dich. That’s how.

    It’s wierd how they capitalize all proper nouns. Cat is as important as Trish which is as important as Cockroach and America. Kind of puts things in perspective…

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