Readers Respond: Maudie

To really test her patience, here's a photo of Maud asleep with Bodhi
Maudie Moon responded to the post I wrote about having breakfast in Mattituck—the one where I describe her as a young teenager, appalled by a Canadian waitress’s friendliness, and I thought I’d turn you on to her post about my post, since that’s part of the fun of this newfangled blog thing—that it talks back (something Miss Moose never did with me, until now).

Here’s a preview of her post:

I remember feeling really embarrassed when we lived in Greenpoint and the guy at the Polish bakery would remember that my morning order was a glazed donut and a little carton of milk. I shouldn’t have felt embarrassed. Nowadays one of the highest high points of my day is when I walk into my coffee spot and the woman at the counter starts pouring me two coffees, one with cream and one with milk, before I even get all the way in the door.

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