Apology #3

I’m sorry, Blogkateers: I seem to have lost my whimsy. I’m hoping to get it back starting tomorrow, when Julia comes home from India and takes over the job of petting Fat Dave at four in the morning to keep him from screaming for no reason. Unfortunately, I am going to be packing up my Brooklyn blog bubble in the next few days, and moving all my junk into storage,* so that might create a delay in getting my sense of humor back. But it might not: It might mean a few good sessions of Dude Dad watching and hipster bashing, and inspire me to come up with some lies that at least make me laugh. I’m hoping the guy next door doesn’t have sex while I’m boxing up my dharma books (for my sake, obviously, not his), but if he does, I promise to report on it. And if my poor Scout takes another crap in the elevator, you’ll be the first to know.

*Thanks again, James!


2 thoughts on “Apology #3”

  1. Your edgy brilliance is almost too great. I am feeling very satisfied this morning at work reading your posts. Understanding that you may have to take a break and that there is a transition taking place, I’d like to just throw in my wish that you to remember to come back…because what you write is fantastic and devastating and bright all at once. Thank you.

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