New (Susan) Orlean

Speaking of New Yorker bloggers, Susan Orlean, the author of The Orchid Thief, has just started a blog there. Orlean is the only person on that site, or any site that I know of, who’s doing a more literary blogging—the kind of thing I imagine myself doing. Not to compare myself to Susan Orlean. But blogging is—apart from being a way to get good writers to weigh in on important and current issues without being censored by editors—a competitive sport, and that’s fun for those of us who drink too much, are very tired, and don’t feel inclined to grab our bats and balls and get out there. So, even though I thought that Orleans’s tweets were lame when I was following them, I’m psyched to see what she does. Her first real post is on ticks. Which is not too far, of course, from my posts on dog shit.


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